February 14 - The feast of the heart!

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In recent times in this country rooted Western tradition - to celebrate Valentine's Day. Now it has become a tradition that bringing in the hearts of the two halves of the spark of love, happiness and passion.

Let's get ready for this holiday and after reading tips, arrange your favorite half an unforgettable celebration of the soul and tela.Nachnem with the fact that a gift for the beloved half on Valentine's Day to symbolize something sincere, warm reminder of love for your beloved. It is not necessary to gifts for Valentine's Day should be in the form of heart. Very useful gift can be such as sweets, soft toys in the form of amusing little animals, hearts, angels. Start your holiday morning with breakfast in bed. Let this be a light breakfast, but always reflects the heat of your soul. Decorate the morning meal rose in a tall glass, so you can add a beautiful postcard, or some little toy brelok.Esli you plan to spend the day at home, arrange so that the gifts will be available during the day to accompany your dear person. Let it be the little things that will please, will not leave anyone indifferent. As a gift to suit different ideas by connecting your imagination. Tape to decorate the apartment with hearts and butterflies, spread Greeting card valentine in different places, etc. etc. Evenings can be spent at some expensive restaurant or in the cozy little cafe, such as choice of location is very important thing to know that you will be comfortable there. If you decide to give as a gift a bottle of liquor, it is suitable for women liqueur or sparkling wine. Of course, to give cheap, ordinary wines are not worth it, let it be something original. In the same way, and should give a man. But now it makes sense to give something more robust, such as a bottle of good whiskey or rum. Most importantly, do not put out for a drink a fabulous sum, the most important way to show that you value your spouse. The perfect complement to the festive day will be a massage that will ignite the passion in your partner and take you both to the top of pleasure. erotic massage Erotic massage. Most sensitive to erotic massage of the back, upper part of the buttocks. Gently stroking her back partner upwards along the spine, from the waist to the shoulder blades and armpit, rub his back with his hands in a circular, spiral movements and sawing motion across the body. In the lower back and rump more intensive use vozdeystvie.Pered massage your hands, apply cream or any massage oil, very good oil with aphrodisiacs. Duration - 5-10 minutes is enough for what to tune to the desired partner's body erotic sensual way. That's all the tricks in the conduct of the day all vlyublennyh.Hochetsya wish to accompany you love your whole life together, not just once a year.